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It’s alive!!!!


So after an intense soldering session it’s up and working.

There’s a bit of tiding up to do but there’s plenty of time for that.  There are a few parts that I want to upgrade already like to replace the threaded rod with leadscrews and to alter a few of the printed parts.

Time to get my print on!

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…and then they all arrived at the same time

looking good

After waiting on parts for a few weeks they all arrive together.

The key parts I was waiting on were the GT2 belts and timing pulleys.  I can’t seem to find a supplier of GT2 timing pulleys in the UK, where are they hiding?

GT2 belts and timing pulleys are the best in terms of backlash.  Most belts and timing pulleys are used continuously in one direction and so there is no backlash, for our use however there is a LOT of back and to.

Heated bed fits the laser cut bed perfectly and looks amazing 🙂

I just need to make up the hot end (J Head Mk V-B) before fitting it to the extruder.

Before I start wiring up the printer I want to add some cable trunking to hide some of the ugly cabling.

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Fishy gears

Extrude this

Just a small update…

After quite a bit of research I’ve settled on “Greg’s Wade Extruder – Reloaded” (bit of a mouthful), with the slightly modified idler.

I also modified the extruder carriage to add a bracket to carry the extruder fan mount.

You can also see the laser cut bed assembled and ready for the heated bed.

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She slides so smooth

It grows

More parts have arrived (it’s like Christmas!)

Namely some 8mm steel rods, skate bearings (608zz) and Igus pillow block bearings.  This means I now have parts moving (sliding) on the machine!

You can either use linear bearings (LM8UU) or the Igus block bearings however you must print out the relative parts to fit either bearing.

Why didn’t I use linear bearings? Well, the block bearings are quieter, smoother and look more professional.  We’ll see how it goes when I start using the printer.

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Frame built

Looking good

So after a hefty bag of bolts arrived I got to work building up the frame.

My childhood consisted of Meccano and Lego building this frame was a JOY!

I’ve opted for a bit of a miss-mash of designs between MendelMax 1 and 1.5 and a few parts designed by Alephobjects.  I didn’t stick with a straight forward 1.5 build after “shopping around” on Thingiverse and preferring some slightly different parts.

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