Hot-End & Bed Calibration

In the quest to fine tune our printers I found a very good guide on how to calibrate the PID control of the Hot-End and the Heated Bed.

If you find that your hot-end temperature fluctuates more than you’d like it to or that it over-shoots or stops short of the set temperature then this is for you.

Again, the source of this information comes from Lincomatic but this time there was a great summary found HERE

The Process:

  1. Allow your hot end to cool to room temperature
  2. In Pronterface or Repetier, send the command: M303 Snnn (where nnn = the temperature you’re extruding at, eg 230 for ABS would be M303 S230)
  3. Wait whilst the printer ramps up and down the hot-end temperature
  4. Input results into your Firmware

The results you get back will look something like this:

bias: 101 d: 101 min: 145.48 max: 154.02
Ku: 64.06 Tu: 29.67
Clasic PID
Kp: 38.04
Ki: 2.35
Kd: 147.63

Input the last 3 sets of numbers into your firmware here:

#define DEFAULT_Kp 38.04
#define DEFAULT_Ki 2.35
#define DEFAULT_Kd 147.63

You can also do the same for the heated bed by using M303 E-1 Snnn (where nnn is the temperature you normally run the bed at, eg M303 E-1 S60)

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One thought on “Hot-End & Bed Calibration

  1. Jorge Anis says:

    Awosomeee, thank you so much!

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