LCD and Encoder controls (Panelolu) – – – – – – – Part 2, Hardware

This is the hardware section of installing a Panelolu control panel to your PrintrBoard based 3D printer. Please refer to ​part 1, Software post for the updates you need to make to your firmware necessary to prepare your PrintrBoard for the Panelolu.

Again, thanks go to think3dprint3d​ for the following info. More details are available there. Please let me know if you need any further information regarding anything posted here.

The plugs and pins for the LCD and PCB come supplied with the Panelolu kit however for the connections to the PrintrBoard I recommend purchasing two 14 pin connectors similar to connectors found HERE​. I used the 2×7 so I can make further connections in the future. You will also need to buy the pins sold separately.


The numbers represent the wire number of the ribbon cable. 1 & 2 were left out for possible connections to Ground and +12Vdc for any future additions to the Panelolu box.

The ‘grey’ 3 is ground and the ‘red’ 4 is +5Vdc. The multiple 3s and 4s must be connected together.

​The ‘yellow’ B and ‘green’ C are the Brightness and Contrast inter-connections between the LCD & PCB.

PrintrBoard Expansion Ports

PrintrBoard Expansion Ports



These are the headers to where you need to connect to on the PrintrBoard.







PrintrBoard Connections

PrintrBoard Connections



​      This is a simplified sketch of the connections to the PrintrBoard.







LCD Connections (rear)

LCD Connections (rear)



These are the connections to the rear of the LCD.  Note the right to left numbering of the pins.





Panelolu PCB Connections

Panelolu PCB Connections

Finally, these are the connections to the Panelolu PCB.

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