Latest Marlin firmware for PrintrBoard

Recently I had noticed that the version of Marlin I was using on my 3D printer (using a PrintrBoard as the control board) was Marlin v1.0.0 RC2 and looking on GitHub there had been quite a few changes since this version was released.

Although a lot of work making it compatible with a PrintrBoard had already been included I needed to make a few alterations to get it working fully.

Code alterations I’ve made include:

  • change motherboard, temp sensors, endstops not inverting, included SD and LCD support to Configuration.h
  • swapped Y endstop pin to E endstop pin, added LCD, encoder and SD card pins to pins.h

Obvious updates include:

  • X & Y location on LCD home screen
  • Long filenames on SD card support
  • Move Axis by 10mm, 1mm or 0.1mm increments

You can download the version of Marlin I’m using here.  Don’t forget to adjust the calibration figures to your printers requirements.

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One thought on “Latest Marlin firmware for PrintrBoard

  1. E. David Neufeld says:

    Thanks for the work! I took what you had done and applied the changes to the latest code base for Marlin. Now I have the latest version of Marlin working on the PrintrBoard.

    I did this because the version I was running wasn’t stable. This one seems rock solid on the PrinterBoard. It is tuned for i3 printers from (Probably the best and most cost effective full kit available right now!) But it should work with minimal changes to any i3 printer.

    You can get it using this Magnet Link in Bit Torrent:


    Thanks again for the head start!!!!

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