It’s a Post-PC world

It talks

Whilst I was waiting for printer parts to arrive I’ve been playing around trying to get a display and encoder to work with my chosen printer control board, the Printrboard.  The Printrboard was designed to be used with the Printrbot but isn’t limited to it.

Fortunately very shortly after I purchase the Panelolu kit Tony who builds the kits had written a post about interfacing with the Printrboard.  Unfortunately in his haste to tell the world there were a few pin & code errors found and after a few emails back and to the LCD displayed data from the Printrboard. SUCCESS!

There is a MicroSD slot built on to the Printrboard where you can load G-Code using the rotary encoder and the display and print without an attached computer.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Post-PC world

  1. hi can you tell me how do you send the print from the sd i can see the .g file but i cant print it

    thanks a lot

    • Bradders says:


      Glad we got your display working. As for the SD card, I had never tried it until you asked. I have the same issue. I can see the file on the display, I can select it and when the temperatures are up the print even starts!


      After the head moves to its first position it stops and the display locks up 😦

      Another challenge.

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