…and then they all arrived at the same time

looking good

After waiting on parts for a few weeks they all arrive together.

The key parts I was waiting on were the GT2 belts and timing pulleys.  I can’t seem to find a supplier of GT2 timing pulleys in the UK, where are they hiding?

GT2 belts and timing pulleys are the best in terms of backlash.  Most belts and timing pulleys are used continuously in one direction and so there is no backlash, for our use however there is a LOT of back and to.

Heated bed fits the laser cut bed perfectly and looks amazing 🙂

I just need to make up the hot end (J Head Mk V-B) before fitting it to the extruder.

Before I start wiring up the printer I want to add some cable trunking to hide some of the ugly cabling.

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